"I'm 33 years old I have been with my wife since we were 16 years old, and married now for 11 years.  We have grown and developed into what we thought was a happy marriage, but we have never had a complete marriage. About ten months ago with a young child I was facing the worst decision of my life and whether we would be better off raising our child together or not. I was fortunate enough to have found Marie's website as literally a last chance effort, and although it was definitely not an easy fast process for either of us.  We now have the foundation, communication, and understanding of each other that we have always wanted. We are excited for our future and forever grateful for Marie and her services because without a doubt she was a key factor in us being able to be a happy family again."

- Thankful Father


"After 38 years of marriage we needed help in navigating back on course. Marie did a wonderful job with giving us better tools to understand each other better and she helped us move our relationship forward in a positive direction when I thought there was nothing that would help. Marie has the remarkable ability to tune into what's needed and she helped us understand ourselves better and brought clarity into a dark and burnt out relationship. Thank you Marie for your ability to be a great mirror and help us understand how to make our marriage better in ways that we can continue to use for the next 38 years."

- Married Couple


"Marie Harrington is by far the best counselor we have been blessed with (and there has been more than one). As a family therapist and working with children of divorced families as well as children of parents with substance abuse issues, I can honestly say Miss Marie is hands down the greatest. Miss Marie has done and continues to do wonders for our blended family and I would highly recommend her services. She has the patience, understanding, knowledge and desire to assist in helping restore broken families and relationships. She not only listens, but Miss Marie hears and acknowledges your feelings and has the techniques to help with the breakthroughs oftentimes needed to move forward. Her perspective is priceless. There is not a day that goes by in my family that at least one if not more of the skills learned through Miss Marie’s sessions are practiced and actually looked forward to in our home. Thanks Marie for all you do! You are truly “the bees knees” of counseling!"

- Mother of Blended Family


"We came to Marie for depression, dealing with it as as an individual and as a couple. When we first came to Marie, we were lost in a dark place. After leaving our first session we walked outside, looked at each other, and said "I feel so much lighter". Marie has been the guiding light through difficult times. She gives you perspective on your problems, shows you that they are not insurmountable, and that you are capable of taking them on and working through them. Marie has given us the tools to effectively communicate with each other. Being able to communicate openly has enabled us to grow as a couple. This was not an expectation that we had going in to therapy, but we have become a closer, stronger couple because of it. We cannot fully express all of our gratitude to Marie. She is a wonderful coach, friend, and therapist."

- Premarital Couple


"Dear Ms. Marie, Thank you so much for helping me get my act together and realize that I’m not the only person in the world with a problem. And I also want to thank you because you helped my family get back together mentally in our toughest times. My family really needed the counseling you gave us. And we really appreciate that a lot. And I know I will change but I hope they will. I promise you, everyday I will try my best to succeed at each task I do at home. I want to go threw life knowing that I had your help threw my tough times. You’re one of the most thoughtful and caring people I have ever met, and I really hope I can come back and visit you! You will be missed!"

- Teenage Girl


"My husband I have been seeing Marie for couples therapy and her help has proved to be priceless in our marriage. While we weren't on the verge of separating we have had a lot of difficulty with communicating in positive/peaceful ways. Marie has a very subtle way of listening to our conversation and then interjecting an observation about us that is spot on, humbling and extremely helpful. She is so natural and effortless to talk with, we both leave the sessions feeling renewed in our relationship and reassured that our "problems" are manageable and common. My husband and I have both attended therapy individually throughout our lives and feel confident in giving our full recommendation of Marie."

- Married Couple


"Marie is a therapist who truly works from her heart. I've never felt like I was under pressure to get through our time before the time of session was up. Marie is caring, loving and fun, I love everything I'm learning with Marie gently guiding me. She also works from a high level of integrity and I built trust with Marie very quickly I would Highly recommend Marie for anyone seeking a therapist!"

- Adult Woman


"Marie exceeded our expectations. Her experience, education and resources were right on point.  She is an excellent listener and provides valuable advice to enhance our overall lives."

- Married Couple


"When I went looking for a counselor, I found Marie's name on-line.  Although hesitant at first, I liked what I saw.  She was certainly well qualified.  So I decided to give her a call fully expecting to leave a message.  When she answered in person, I was pleasantly surprised and further, she patiently listened to my synopsis of the problems I hoped she would help me with.  I found her office to be local and easy to find.  It is a comfortable place where you feel private.  Marie's voice is calm and reassuring and she extends a non-judgmental attitude.  She welcomes questions and self discovery.  My life is not perfect and Marie has only just begun to address some of my issues, but I feel she has my best interests at heart and will eventually guide me to self confidence."

- Married Woman


"I'm a male in my late 30's and found myself having debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, something which I had never experienced before.  Trying to be proactive and understand what caused this behavior I went on google to search therapists near me, I wanted to call 3-4 local people to get some information as I had never been to a therapist before.  Most went to voice mail, others said they would see me in a few weeks.  After calling Marie, right from the start it was different.  She spent the time to listen to what was troubling me right over the phone.  Her structured help, education and realistic approach really helped me stay focused, especially between appointments.  After a surprisingly short time I was able to put the anxiety behind me while learning so much about myself.  Really thankful I found her.  Thanks Marie!"

- Adult Man


"I came for therapy with Marie Harrington at the time when I just lost my aunt, who died after the years of long and challenging illness, and I was her primary caregiver. I felt very depressed, heavy, was suffering from insomnia, was dealing with issues of grief and loss, not only for my aunt, but also for my mother, who died a few years prior.

After just a few sessions with Marie I started feeling so much lighter, my sleep pattern was restored, my depression was gone, I came back to life. Marie was so understanding of my issues, even though I come from a different cultural background. Being a wonderful therapist, Marie helped me to find answers to some very important questions in my life, and I am very grateful to her.

I continue to come to Marie at the times of need, and after each session I feel so much stronger and happier. I would highly recommend Marie to anybody who is looking for real psychotherapy, not just for 'feel better' talk."

- Adult Woman


"My husband and I recently sought counseling to help us figure out some relationship issues we weren’t able to resolve on our own. It can be difficult to find someone to trust, someone to connect to – through an internet search. Especially when your health insurance doesn’t cover mental health and it’s your personal funds on the line. Which is why we were thrilled to see that Marie offered a complimentary 30-minute first session. We immediately scheduled the first session and 30 minutes in, knew we were in the right place and in very capable hands. Marie helped us find the tools we needed to get things back on track – and strengthen our relationship as well. If we find ourselves struggling in the future, we would definitely seek out Marie’s guidance and support again. We highly recommend her!"

- Married Couple