If you are engaged, pre-marriage counseling is an excellent way to build a strong foundation of effective communication and problem solving skills with your soon-to-be spouse.  Preparing for a wedding can be an extremely overwhelming phase in your life, and pre-marriage counseling helps by providing tools to constructively cope with the emotions of stress, apprehension, and even fear. Think of Pre-Marriage Counseling as an opportunity to learn how to keep your romance alive for a lifetime.


What are the top 5 goals for Pre-Marriage Counseling?

  1. Understand Family Values - Each of you brings with you the values you learned while growing up. Having a more clear idea of your future spouse’s family values allows you to better relate and understand them.
  2. Assumptions - When it comes to who will do what in the marriage, it is better to discuss than to assume.
  3. Tough Topics - Finances, intimacy, expectations, family planning, etc. are topics that are often not addressed until after marriage, yet are essential aspects of all marriages.
  4. Conflict Resolution - Conflict in a marriage relationship is a given; strategies for resolving conflict with your partner can lead to a much happier marriage.
  5. Create Shared Vision - Dreaming of what the two of you want for your future is important as well as fun. Setting short and long term goals together creates a special shared closeness.