A good marriage takes thought, wisdom, patience, courage, and work. It requires skill to maintain a consistent sense of respect and love with your spouse, while being able to preserve your own sense of self and individuality. Marriage counseling provides a safe, non-judgmental space for you and your spouse to improve your communication skills and problem solve together while maintaining  the focus on your marriage. The process is about learning from the past to enhance your future by creating new emotional bonds, whereby you and your spouse can feel safe and secure.


What are the top 5 goals for Marriage Counseling?

  1. Healing Issues from the Past - Most couples come to counseling because of an issue they can't seem to resolve on their own. Clarifying and understanding the feelings your partner has regarding these past issues is the first step toward healing.
  2. Validation - Each partner has a voice in the counseling session. Being heard and validated is therapeutic, and in the process communication styles of each partner are identified.
  3. Education - Depending of the specific needs of the couple, this goal addresses the question, "Now that we understand the problem, what do we do about it?" Examples include anger management, communication skills, and learning your partners love language.
  4. Future Goal Setting - This goal is about identifying and listing specific goals as a couple. We call these "Us" goals.
  5. Change - Practicing and perfecting the skills each of you have learned in counseling is the best way to achieve your future relationship goals. It is important to receive feedback when we are doing something different.